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XXVIII Biennial Conference on Phage/Virus Assembly

18-23 June 2023

To promote research on virus assembly through open dialogue between researchers from around the world.

Shrigley Hall


Shrigley Hall Hotel and Spa,

Pott Shrigley,


SK10 5SB,

United Kingdom

Registration from 16:00

Situated on the edge of the Peak District National Park, Shrigley Hall is a Georgian country house built in 1825 by a local mill owner and member of parliament. In 1929 it was converted into a missionary college and a chapel was added, which today serves as the main conference room. The conference will be held in the Tilden Suite (old chapel) as well as the Ellen Turner and William Turner rooms.

Set in 262 acres of grounds the location offers ample opportunity for exploring, with walks of various lengths from the door, and the option to venture deeper into the surrounding countryside on the free afternoon.


Keynote Speakers

Stefanie Barbirz


MSB Medical School Berlin, Germany

Dr. Barbirz’ research focuses on characterising the glycan receptors of bacterial viruses and the interactions occurring at the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria during the initiation of infection. She explores the mechanisms of protein-carbohydrate complex formation with spectroscopic and biochemical methods, and investigates how this understanding may be leveraged in the design of alternative antibiotic strategies.

Paul Jardine


University of Minnesota, USA

Dr. Jardine’s research focusses on virus assembly and the ATP-powered motors that power DNA packaging during the early stages of capsid maturation. His work has translated the components of the DNA packaging machinery of virus φ29 into an in vitro packaging system, that can be used in a range of biophysical and biochemical techniques to probe the packaging mechanism.

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